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The premium grade magnesium flakes are sourced from all natural deposits in Germany. Magnesium restores and rebalances the nervous system and replenishes vital minerals throughout the body. Every one of our body cells needs Magnesium to function optimally, it is essential for brain-health, heart-health, muscle contraction, bone strength and the whole nervous system. Yet it is estimated that as many 80% of Australians are deficient.

How it works in the body:

Magnesium and calcium work together in the body. Magnesium relaxes and soothes muscles and aids in the function of all of the body systems (muscular, circulatory, nervous & lymphatic), while calcium specifically contracts muscles. In today’s calcium-rich dietary landscape, magnesium is noticeably absent. This results in tension, anxiety, muscle soreness, pain and even skin issues like dry itchy skin, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Basic Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency Include:

Twitching or cramping muscles
Headaches and migraines
Obesity (with or without high blood pressure)
Heart palpitations
Chronic fatigue

Therefore increasing your magnesium supply can help reduces these symptoms.

Magnesium is a powerful pain-relieving mineral. Some researchers believe this mineral holds the key to resolving many types of chronic pain. Recognised for its multiple benefits to health and well-being and for its healing and restoring properties.


Products & Scents:

Products & Scents
Magnesium Oil Spray – coming soon
Magnesium Bath Salts – coming soon
Magnesium Salt Scrubs – coming soon

Re-Balance – Magnesium Flakes, Epsom Salt and Peppermint essential oil


Re-Generate – Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Focus blend essential oil


Re-Build – Magnesium Flakes, Lavender and Harmony blend essential oil